Big DataTesting

We understand that organisations need  big data  testing expertise, which includes the areas of data warehousing, business intelligence, and data integration/ETL. It is time-consuming to familiarise testers with the domain knowledge and specific testing techniques required to effectively test these application types. Our specialised testing services fill the niche requirements in this area.

While Agile and DevOps practices enable faster release cycles and increased responsiveness to changing business needs, teams do struggle to maintain quality levels. More effective testing by means of test automation, shift-left testing, and test environment management can provide the much-needed balance between speed of delivery and quality.  At busii, we focus on these practices in providing effective testing services.

For example, we make extensive use of bespoke, open-source based test tools to automate various aspects of testing  big data  applications. Tool use for test execution is especially necessary for these application types as the manual comparison of source and target data using sampling and aggregated queries are ineffective and time-consuming.

  • 100% detailed business rule and data coverage in source-to-target testing
  • On-the-fly test coverage analysis as test cases are added
  • Comparison of various artefacts including:
    • functional specifications against generated code/data
    • software and data across environments – development, QA, and production
  • Automated posting of test run results to a test management tool
  • Automated test suite runs for regression testing

We offer:

  • Data migration testing 
    • Whether for Salesforce migrations, database upgrades or other forms of data migration. See our  data migration  reference.

  • Data warehouse testing; Business Intelligence testing; ETL testing
    • We have extensive experience in these application areas, helping some of South Africa’s largest companies to balance time, cost and scope in delivering quality solutions.

  • Customer loyalty Rewards engine testing
    • The busii team currently assists one of the country’s largest customer loyalty engines in reducing risk while delivering changes on time.

  • Big data testing
    • We provide high volume, detailed, source-to-target testing against just about any data source and target, on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Increased confidence and trust in your application
  • Reduced deployment time, enabling increased responsiveness to business needs
  • Testing capacity on demand without the responsibilities of ownership
  • Flexible and adaptable to your software development lifecycle
  • Freed up resources to focus on core competencies
  • Access to an independent team who think like testers and not developers
  • Lower cost of quality