Data Integration

We provide expertise on how to solve data integration and transformation challenges.

Training and knowledge transfer for data warehouses

The return on investment of implementing IT systems in general, and data warehouses in particular, is realized only when it is actually being used to drive better decisions.

We are good at transferring knowledge about the data that is available in your data warehouse and can assist your users in accessing it and putting it to work effectively.

BI strategy development

Managing information intelligently allows businesses to maximize revenue generating opportunities and manage costs.

Businesses wanting to integrate critical data into their daily business processes require a strategic, planned approach to achieve this goal.

busii consultants have assisted organizations in various industries to develop their BI strategies for over 20 years.

Architecture design and evaluation

busii’s standards-based approach to architecture design and documentation ensures that technology decisions are based on a thorough evaluation of alternatives and effectively communicated to stakeholders.

Dimensional modeling

busii has been designing dimensional data models since 1998. We have designed hundreds of dimensional data models since then, gaining experience in the telecommunications, retail, healthcare, insurance and banking industries.