Why us?

We believe intelligence is the source of power to drive business.

At busii, our goal is to ensure that you receive the most value from your data. This will empower you to make sound business decisions that can benefit your company and customers.

How do we achieve this?

Business Analysis

Our intelligent requirements analysis process to understand your business drivers differentiates us. We use our deep experience in this field to elicit requirements to define project scope that maximises business value.

Solution Design

Our software engineering approach ensures we consider the advantages of the various potential solution options. Our utilitarian approach to assessing these options with our client’s participation produces effective solution architectures.

The inevitability of technical debt is an important consideration when assessing solution options. Of the many aspects that are affected, we deem data structure design to be paramount to minimise the debilitating effects of technical debt as it builds up over time.

All things database has been our bread and butter for decades.

Technical Implementation

Our systems development methods are tried and tested and evolve continuously.

We utilise the most appropriate technology for your requirements, taking into account your preferences and existing investments.

Advanced testing techniques are integral to our development approach and appropriate to the nature of the solution.

Continuous customer engagement throughout the software development lifecycle ensures delivery is in line with expectations.


We support and empower our customers in a variety of service options, as needed.

 busii, the intelligent choice